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Golden Valley Rose Distributors LLC grows bare root trees and roses plus container roses and perennials in Bakersfield, CA. The conditions here in the valley are perfect for growing quality plants. Our experience combined with proven growing practices ensure we deliver consistent quality. We have quickly continued growing as a Quality Rose & Plant Distributor. Browse our beautiful selection of roses and keep checking back as we are consistently adding new products to our line up. We hope you enjoy our roses.

Shop with confidence, we grow the best in the industry. See why we are the fastest growing rose company in the US.

We really appreciate all our customers and partners support in helping us get here, without your support we wouldn't be able to continue growing and providing quality product at affordable prices. Thank you!


What you can expect in our roses

  • Grown in Standard Large 5.5'' Containers - Best results for transplanting
  • Own Root Propagated - True to Variety
  • Healthy Virus Indexed Roses
  • Custom Blended Soil to ensure vigorous growth
  • Consistent Quality
  • Hardier Plants
  • Custom blended fertilizers used