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About Us


Welcome To Golden Valley Roses - Making Beautiful Flowers A Part Of Your Life!


Golden Valley Roses is a family business based in Bakersfield, California and founded in order not just to create roses, but also emotions.

With 10 years of personal experience and a combined 45 years’ experience if you also count my father before me, we have witnessed plants successfully grow a million times, yet each time is just as unique, just as special.

Although the company started off by setting up on busy street corners on holidays and weekends, we have managed to grow and expand to where we are today.

Whatever The Occasion, Our Flowers Will Make It Special!


That’s not just our promise, it’s also our word. In fact, our inspiration can be traced back to the pure growth of plants from start to finish. If you think about it, everything has to be just right; from the temperature and the soil to the moisture and the lighting conditions. 

But all this hassle is always worth it in the end, simply because you are able to witness the full transformation of a flower from a single root to a full-blown rose! Having said that, for us, it’s not the destination that makes our job unique; it’s the journey. 

Caring for the flower for months on end, building up to the blossoming point and seeing the end result is simply an incomparable feeling.

Of course, it goes without saying that all our flowers are sustainably grown without the use of pesticides, in the land of California; the most fertile soil in the world!

Our Lovely Customers Are The Cornerstone Of Our Company


We’re not saying that lightly. The truth is that our business would probably never even exist if it wasn’t for the ceaseless support of our amazing customers, right from the very beginning.

We ARE a family business and this is exactly why we aim to instill our family values into our business, making absolutely sure every single customer feels like an integral part and an extension of our beautiful community.

More than that, we invite you get in touch with us if you have any issues or questions regarding our flowers or services and we will be more than thrilled to have all your questions answered.


Thank You For Choosing Us And Trusting In Our Core Values Of Quality, Family & Customer Satisfaction!

Valley Rose Distributors LLC grows bare root trees and roses, container roses and perennials in Bakersfield, CA. The conditions here in the valley are perfect for growing quality plants. Our experience combined with proven growing practices ensure consistent quality. We have quickly continued growing as a Quality Rose & Plant Distributor. Browse our beautiful selection of roses and keep checking back as we are consistently adding new products to our line up. We hope you enjoy our roses.


All of our plants are grown in large superior 5.5'' containers. This ensures you receive a larger plant which in turn will give you a great start to planting success. As part of our Ready Start Rose line, expect exceptional plants. Roses are all propagated with their own roots providing hardier performance and the worry of removing any developing rootstock suckers. If you have any questions regarding our products feel free to contact me directly

— Orlando Sanchez (Owner)


Our Fields


Golden Valley Roses start from cuttings produced by our mother plants grown in the field. Plants are certified virus indexed and checked by the county on a yearly basis. In overseeing our own production from field to finish this ensures the best growing standards are utilized. Growing plants is our passion and it's what we love to do and it compels us to grow great plants. As mentioned before all rose bushes are propagated on their own roots which are a little slower to start, but are stronger once established. Field budded roses are available as well.


Strong & Healthy Roots


Strong healthy plants start from the bottom up, which is why we grow cuttings in specially made trays that help produce superior plant rooting time after time. As you can see in the picture the tray allows for maximum root development while preventing unwanted circle rooting instead once roots reach the bottom of each tray they are air pruned. In order to get beautiful new root growth we can't forget about the special blend of soil used specifically for rooting roses to ensure consistently positive results. Roses are just the beginning of what we offer and we plan on extending plants available. As we continue to grow with your support we will be offering perennials and more water wise drought tolerant plants.

Moving forward we will also be getting into field grown vegetables and production of liners for local farmers to transplant. The benefits would be having acclimated transplants which would in turn increase yields by decreasing the delay in which plants need to accustom to local weather before continuing growth after transplant.